Prayer Requests


Please pray for my daughter who is having relationship problems. Pray for Gods wisdom, healing, intervention and restoration in all of this. Also pray for our family friends who need God and his guidance in their lives and redirection from bad choices they are making. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you.


Please Pray for Riley Drummond. She is 9 years old from Olney, IL. She's a friend of our 9 year old Granddaughter Kaedy. She suffered a stoke. An aneurysm ruptured in Her brain. She is critical but stable. Has a 103 fever. She is at Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis.


Please pray for my uncle, Bob Bauer, who has cancer - it's on the bottom of his stomach - pray that the chemo treatment he is taking will work. Last scan showed that it was stable, but not shrinking.


Family of Rylan Ashby - 16 yr old boy who passed away from cancer on 8/12/2020


Pray for Mary Moulton (my mother in law) Pray for peace & comfort.

Prayer Wall Instructions

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